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  • ca. 1917 - 1920

Doris Rushworth, was born on 27 August 1897 in Bradford. She trained as a primary teacher at Leeds Training College. She then worked for a few years as a teacher in Bradford before marrying, Charles Rhodes, in 1923. She died in 1978. Two smaller albums are inscribed 'Doris Rushworth Xmas 1916' and 'Doris Rushworth August 1917'. The photos are mostly unlabelled but clearly connected with the College. They appear to depict College events and fellow-students. They are mostly formal group photos, apparently on College premises, or individual studio photos. Some of the latter are labelled with first names of the individuals concerned. One larger album, untitled and undated, contains more photos of the same type, there are some photos of [Rushworth] family. Group photos of children, possibly schoolchildren taught by Doris Rushworth.

Rushworth, Doris

Woodhouse photograph album 1928-31

This is a partial copy of a family photograph album made by Dr Woodhouse, these pages include those photographs of his friends and colleagues at the City of Leeds Training College at the beginning of his teaching career at the College.

Staff at High Cliff

In the years leading up to WW2 plans were drawn up to convert Beckett Park, the site of the City of Leeds Training College, back into a hospital, as it had been throughout WW1. Work began in August 1939 but very soon the hospital conversion was stopped, and the site became a Training Centre for the rest of the War. Meanwhile students and staff of the College decamped to Scarborough where they took over several hotels in the town to act as administration, residences and teaching spaces. This short film dates from between 1940 and 1945 and captures some of the staff and students while working in Scarborough.

Home made Episcope

This is a home made episcope made by M. T. Woodhouse, these were optical devices for projecting opaque images onto a screen. It consisted of a very bright light which illuminated the object from the side, the image was reflected off mirrors and projected upside down through the lens. The projected objects could be flat like postcards, photographs or three dimensional like coins, leaf specimens. Care had to be taken that the intense light and heat did not damage the object.

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