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Film Appreciation in the School
GB 2830 WOO/Box 2/1 · Unidad documental simple · 1952
Parte de Dr M. T. Woodhouse Donation

Thesis for the Ph.D. Degree. Department of Education. The University, Leeds. January, 1952. Dr Woodhouse's research aimed to test the validity of arguments supporting the use of film appreciation in schools. Claims regarding the recognition of film as an art from are briefly examined and a critical survey of the scope of film appreciation as well as procedures and practices encountered by teachers form around 1947 to 1952. the investigations took place at Ellerby Lane County Primary School in Leeds between 1948 and 1950.

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Home made Episcope
GB 2830 WOO/Box 3/1 · Unidad documental simple · n.d.
Parte de Dr M. T. Woodhouse Donation

This is a home made episcope made by M. T. Woodhouse, these were optical devices for projecting opaque images onto a screen. It consisted of a very bright light which illuminated the object from the side, the image was reflected off mirrors and projected upside down through the lens. The projected objects could be flat like postcards, photographs or three dimensional like coins, leaf specimens. Care had to be taken that the intense light and heat did not damage the object.