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Photograph of stone plaque on rear of Grange

This stone plaque is a copy, made by the Beckett family, of an earlier one originally erected by Benjamin Wade on his Grange rebuild of 1626. The lines echo an inscription at Bemerton Parsonage by the Poet George Herbert. Although these lines were not made popular until the 1630s after Herbert's death which suggests that the inscription was a later addition to Wade's 1626 mansion.


Rugby photographs

Three of the photographs show the Leeds Tykes playing at Headingley Carnegie Stadium. Because of this naming pattern the photographs can be dated to 2006-07. The remaining two rugby related photographs await further investigation.


Carnegie and Loughborough Students at the Lingiad, Stockholm

The Lingiad was held in Stockholm from 17 to 25 July 1939. it involved over 7,000 participants from 12 countries. It was held to mark the centenary of the death of Pehr Hendrick Ling, regarded as the father of Swedish gymnastics.
Photographs showing the Carnegie and Loughborough combined team rehearsing their gymnastic routine in the Concert House, Stockholm. Inside the stadium during the opening ceremony procession of teams including Walter Winterbottom and the arrival of the Swedish king.


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